Tantra Online is a simple, fast paced 3D MMORPG set in an oriental fantasy world. Set in an oriental environment with 8 playable tribes and a PvP focused gameplay. With a high experience rate and simple combat, Tantra is easy to jump into.

Game Details

Status: Released
Release Date: Oct 2, 2002
Business Model: Free to Play
Developer: JoyImpact
Publisher: HanbitSoft
Category: Stand-alone
Genre(s): 3D, MMO, Fantasy
Platforms: PC

In order to play TANTRA, you need a computer with the following specifications and an Internet environment. Before you start the game, first check the specifications of your PC.

OS: Windows XP and up
CPU: Pentium 4 @1.4 GHz
RAM: 512MB or more
GPU: Videocard with 64MB of RAM or better


Among the numerous online RPGs in which Western fantasy was mainstream, TANTRA; is a neo-oriental online RPG; with an oriental fantasy world with Hindu myth as a motif.
Players will become warriors of the eight tribes who are the descendants of the gods, fighting against the evil existence Mara that threatens people and challenging the mysteries of the world.

Basic playing fee is free for TANTRA. Just download the program and get the account ID, you can play. We also have many premium items to enjoy 100 times TANTRA. Up to the basic ability of the character, items that can be played convenient, as well as items that change the appearance of the character by rolling an exotic hairstyle or a turban, a variety of items are assembled! It is also possible to launch fireworks in front of fellows and produce a festive mood! Let’s enjoy TANTRA even more by using premium items tailored to the play style!

In the world of TANTRA you can choose characters from eight tribes. You can combine face, hairstyle, etc. from several kinds, let’s create your favorite character and adventure TANTRA world as your alter ego. The character can be more individualized with skill which can obtain various abilities by tribe. Let’s find a way to enjoy TANTRA unique to you.

“The main god faith” which is the unique characteristic of TANTRA. Once you reach a certain level you can choose one from the three main gods of “Brahma”, “Vishnu”, “Shiva” and believe. We must fight against the group who cooperates with the player who believes in the same main god and believes in other goddess. In TANTRA this is called the Main God Battle. Do you believe in God or believe in yourself. Only those who have won the large-scale three-pronged interpersonal warfare can go to the fortress fortress “Chatlanga” floating in the sky. Moreover, the class is given according to the main god contribution value, and the "caste system" which can use the main spirit skill is also unique system of TANTRA.

In addition, players can form one big group. Up to 50 people can be registered in this group called “Ashram”. The person forming the ashram is called “Maharaja” and can have the authority of solicitation, expulsion, etc. to the ashram. Also, members can use ashram dedicated chat, and you can check the login status of registered members. There are also unique ways to enjoy Ashram, such as “forming the ashram of the same aspirations and fighting with other Ashram” “Fortress of Durga”.

Do not be satisfied there if you get weapons and armor with TANTRA. Let’s refine your weapons and armor and strengthen them. ”Refining” can give special effects such as increasing attack power and increasing defense power. Customize your favorite weapons and armor to get your own stronger weapons!